GUJCET 2021 Registration Form Online Apply Step by Step

GUJCET Apply Online Step by Step
GUJCET apply Online Step by Step

The process of filling up the online form for the GUJCET exam has started. So today in this article we have tried to give complete information step by step about how to fill GUJCET 2021 application form online at your Home.

The online form of GUJCET should be filled with care so that nothing goes wrong as even a small mistake can get you in trouble.

So let's learn step by step how to fill up GUJCET 2021 online form. Avoid filling the form on your mobile! We recommend that you fill out the online form on a laptop or desktop so that you do not have any problems.

It is mandatory for you to Register online and fill up an online form to appear for the GUJCET 2021 exam. If you have not filled the online form, you will not be able to take the GUJCET 2021 exam.

The process for GUJCET-2021 online form is divided into four main parts which we will discuss step by step to make it easier for you.
  1. Registration
  2. Log in
  3. Payment
  4. Process of Filling the Application Form

Registration :

GUJCET 2021 Registration Dates

  • Form submission start date  | June 23, 2021
  • Form submission last date   | June 30, 2021
  • Exam Date   |    To be Notified

How to Register GUJCET 2021?

The candidate has to open website and Log in. For the first time “log in” Registration of the candidate is compulsory. Click on “Registration” or “New Candidate Registration button” for Registration in which the following details can be filled up.

GUJCET 2021 Registration

If you have already Registered, you do not need to register, you will have to Log in directly.

(1) The Candidate has to fill in the Surname in 'Surname Box'.

(2) The Candidate has to fill in Student Name in the 'Student Name Box'.

(3) The Candidate has to fill in Guardian/Father's Name in the 'Guardian Name Box'.

Special instruction for students from other boards: 

When filling up the application form, you have to fill in the name, father's name, surname etc. in the same way as in Std. 12th boards.

The Candidate belonging to the other board than Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board(GSHEB) have to fill in the above name details according th to their Standard-12 Examination application form in which they can fill First Name in the 'Surname Box' and Last Name in the 'Guardian Box'. Keep full stop (.) in case candidate wants to keep father name/guardian's name or surname blank.

(4) The candidate has to show his / her Gender, i.e. Jaati.To show 'Male' if male and 'Female' if female.

(5) You have to fill 10 digit mobile in the box of ‘Mobile Number’. A mobile number will be used to register once.

(6) The Candidate has to fill in the E-mail ID in the 'E-mail ID box'. (One E-mail ID can be used for one-time registration only, E-mail ID is unique for every registration.)

(7) The Candidate has to fill in the same E-mail ID in the confirm E-mail ID box.

GUJCET 2021 Registration Apply

(8) You will then need to enter an 8-digit unique password. [must minimum 8 digit]
  • 1 (One) Capital Letter,
  • 1 (One) Small Letter,
  • 1 (One) Number,
  • 1 (One) Special Character (“ @. #, $, %”) : Its mandatory
  • For Example: Abcd@123
GUJCET 2021 Registration Password

Then registration can be done by entering the code (Captcha Code) shown in the picture. Then the candidate will get Five digit OTP on his/her registered mobile number. The Candidate has to submit OTP(One Time Password) and complete the registration process.

GUJCET Last 10 Year Paper and PDF free in Gujarati & English : Download

Log In Process:

Now you can easily login with your Email and Password as shown below. In case the candidate forget password he/she has to click on 'Forgot Password Link' option to receive password on his/her registered Mobile Number.

GUJCET 2021 Registration Log in

GUJCET 2021 Payment process:

GUJCET exam fee is Rs. 300/- has to be paid online. Who can pay online through SBIPay system using a credit card, debit card, or net banking. You can also pay the fee by selecting “SBIPay SBI Branch Payment Online” option at any SBI branch in the country. To make a payment at SBI branch log on to The option to fill out the form will only be shown after successful payment. In case of failed payment, you will not be able to fill out the application form.
GUJCET 2021 Registration Payment

GUJCET 2021 : Useful and informative PDF

Online Payment Instruction  PDF     |     Download
Technical Instructions        |     Download
Instructions For Filling Form (Gujarati)  PDF    |     Download
Instructions For Filling Form (English) PDF      |     Download

GUJCET 2021 ONLINE Registration Process:

After you make the payment, login and click on the 'Apply' button, which will open the entire form so that you can fill it in peacefully without any mistake. Step by step information is given.

GUJCET 2021 Apply Online

[1] First of all the enter Candidate Name (Name, Surname and Father's Name) in the ONLINE Application Form.

[2]  The Date of the Birth of the Candidate is to be filled in the Box of Date of the Birth.

[3] The Student has to click on the Option 'Male' or 'Female' as appropriate.

[4] If the candidate is physically handicapped, he has to click on “Yes” and then click on the appropriate option for the type of handicapped (he or she will have to select only one option).

[5] The Candidate has to click on the appropriate option of the 'Jaati'(caste).

GUJCET 2021 Apply Form

[6] Full address of the candidate is to be filled in the Address Box. This address is used for in future, so complete information filled including Pin code and State is need.

[7] The candidate has to provide landline number of his/her Home (Not Mandatory).

[8] The candidate of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board[GSHEB] has to select/fill the Board-code '01'. The other board candidate has to select/fill the Board-Code according to the list of the Board Code given in the Booklet PDF and below photo.

[9] If the Board-Code is 01 and the district code of school index no. is 22, then-candidate will be shown centers 207 (Surat) or 216 (Valsad). The candidate should select only 1 of the 2 as per his/her choice.

GUJCET 2021 School Code

[10] If the Board-Code is other than 01, the candidate will need to select anyone from Examination Center for GUJCET by clicking on the desired center.

[11] Selection of the center is compulsory. The candidate will need to select one from offered centers. The Center can not be changed. Once the registration form is submitted.

[12] The year of appearing in 12th HSCE Exam is to be selected in the information regarding the exam same to same.

[13] Students of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board who have passed HSC Exam before the year 2014 will have to fill Seat Number of the Exam as per the Marksheet. A candidate who has appeared in HSC Exam within the year 2014 to 2020 will need to fill SID Number (Example-18V-XXXXXX). Candidate appearing in the year 2021 will have to fill “Application Number” of Standard 12th Examination (Example –HS/RG/00/000/01/20/000000)

GUJCET 2021 Application

[14] If the Board-Code isn't '01', it's not necessary to fill SID No. and Seat Number.

[15] The Student has to choose the group and click on 'A', 'B' or 'AB'.

The Student has to click on either Gujarati, Hindi or English to fill the information of the Medium.

[17] The question paper of that specific medium are going to be provided to the candidate.

[18] The Student has to upload his/her passport size photograph in the JPG' format not more than 50 KB size. (Dimension 120 pxl X 120 pxl)

[19] The Student has to upload his/her signature by scanning in the JPG' format not more than 50 KB size. (Dimension 120 Px X 120 Px)

[20]  After filling up all the details in the application form the Student has to click on 'Save' button to save the details.

GUJCET 2021 Apply Last Step

   [21]  After verifying all the details of the application form the Student has to click on 'Submit' button tosubmit his/her application. The candidate has got to keep and remember his/her application number for future references. (Correction cannot be done after submitting the form)

GUJCET Application Form 2021 Detailed Video:

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - GUJCET Application Form 2021

Q.  What is the official website for filling the online form of GUJCET 2021?
A.  The official website for GUJCET is

Q.  When will the online form for GUJCET 2021 exam start?
A.  The online form for GUJCET 2021 exam is due on 23th June.

Q.  What is the last date to fill up the GUJCET 2021 Exam Online Form?
A.  The last date for online form for GUJCET 2021 exam is 30th June.

Q.  What do I need to fill the online form of GUJCET 2021? Where do you want the document?
A.  You need an email id, mobile number, Aadhaar card, family income information, net banking or debit card to pay online fees, a scanned photo, and a copy of your signature. This document is required to fill the form of GUJCET 2021.

Q.  What is the fee for filling up GUJCET 2021 form?
A.   GUJCET 2021 Exam Form Fill You have to pay Rs. 300/- fee online. The late fee is ₹1500/-.

Q.  Can I get a fee refund after filling up the GUJCET form?
A.  No. Information has been received from the website of board that the fee will not be refunded.

Q.  What is the full form of GUJCET?
A.  Full name of GUJCET is Gujarat Common Entrance Test.

Q.  Can I fill up the GUJCET 2021 form offline?
A.   No. GUJCET 2021 form is filled only online.

Q.  Is there any age limit to apply for GUJCET 2021 Form?
A.  There is no upper age limit but Student age should not be less than 17 years.

Q.  What is the GUJCET helpline number?
A.  The GUJCET helpline number is 18002335500 which you can contact from 10 am to 6 pm.