GUJCET Old & Previous Year Papers PDF With Solution in Gujarati

GUJCET Exam old & Previous Year Papers PDF
GUJCET Exam old & Previous Year Papers PDF

We have given detailed discussion and information on the GUJCET exam paper in this article. If you are looking for GUJCET Exam Paper PDF then you have come to the right place. We have given a complete PDF of the GUJCET Exam Paper here and a PDF of all the papers will be available and also absolutely Free.

GUJCET the exam is taken every year after GSEB 12th board exam. In this exam, Gujarati and English is taken in two languages. This exam organizes the GUJCET exam for admission to many courses like Agriculture, Engineering, Dairy Technology, Nursing, Paramedical, etc. Merit is formed based on GUJCET marks so students need to prepare for the GUJCET exam today as good marks in this exam can give a good College and a good Degree. That is why this examination is organized by Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB) to get admission in colleges.

GUJCET examination is conducted in Gujarati and English medium. We have provided GUJCET papers in both Gujarati and English languages ​​so that you can easily find them and find them useful.

This means that the GUJCET exam will play an an important role in 2021 as the 12th board exam has been canceled this year due to Corona(Covid19), so the result of the GUJCET exam will be considered important.

A large number of students are looking for old papers so we have tried to give you step by step and year by year paper pdf and its answers to make it easier for you.

We have also provided basic information like GUJCET exam eligibility, syllabus, exam fees, etc. in a the language that is easily understood.

GUJCET Paper Pattern and GUJCET Paper Style

GUJCET paper comes in two languages Gujarati and English which will be your language. 120 Questions are asked in the paper. One mark of each question. paper of total 120 marks. 40 marks in Physics, 40 marks in Chemistry, and 40 marks in Biology/Maths. The exam time is 3 hours. 60 minutes for each subject. The exam is conducted in two parts Physics and Chemistry in one part and Maths/Biology in the other part. Both papers are given separately. If the correct answer is 1 mark and the wrong answer will be -0.25 minus.

GUJCET Sample Paper PDF

We have given some sample papers with the Answer key of GUJCET exam here.
  • GUJCET sample papers gujarati medium Paper 01  |  Click Here
  • GUJCET sample papers gujarati medium Paper 02  |  Click Here
  • GUJCET sample papers English medium Paper 01  |  Click Here
  • GUJCET sample papers English medium Paper 02  |  Click Here
  • GUJCET sample paper 2020 Paper 01  |  Click Here
  • GUJCET sample paper 2020 Paper 02  |  Click Here

GUJCET Paper 2020 PDF Download : 

We have given here the paper PDF, Solution, Video of GUJCET exam taken in the year 2020 in pdf in Gujarati and English language.

GUJCET paper 2020 pdf download in Gujarati

GUJCET question paper with solution 2020 in Gujarati: Click Here & Click Here

GUJCET paper 2020 pdf download in English:

GUJCET question paper with solution 2020 in English : Click Here

GUJCET Question Paper Solution 2020 Video : Watch now

Maths GUJCET Papers Gujarati Medium 10 Years

We have given here a paper pdf in Gujarati medium of last 10 years which you can download by clicking the download button.

Maths    |    2006    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2007    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2008    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2009    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2010    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2011    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2017    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2018    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2019    |    Paper    |    Download
Maths    |    2020    |    Paper    |    Download

Biology GUJCET Papers Gujarati Medium 10 Years

Biology    |    2006    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2007    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2008    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2009    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2010    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2011    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2013    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2017    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2018    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2019    |    Paper    |    Download
Biology    |    2020    |    Paper    |    Download

Physics & Chemistry GUJCET Papers Gujarati Medium 10 Years

Physics & Chemistry    |    2006    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2010    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2011    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2012    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2013    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2014    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2015    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2017    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2018    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2019    |    Paper    |    Download
Physics & Chemistry    |    2020    |    Paper    |    Download

GUJCET Paper Solution PDF and Video :

Here is a video and PDF solution of GUJCET last year's paper.

Physics Paper Solution 2020

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GUJCET Old Papers PDF download

FAQ : Related to GUJCET Exam Paper PDF

Q. Where to get old GUJCET papers and solutions?
A. We have given all the old year papers and Solutions in this article.

Q. Can I download GUJCET papers for which year here?
A. We have given here the papers of GUJCET of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Q. What qualifications are required to apply for GUJCET exam?
A. You must be at least 17 years old to take the GUJCET exam. You should have passed HSC 12th pass in Gujarat GSEB Board with a 45% mark.

Q. What is the full form of GUJCET?
A. GUJCET full name is Gujarat Common Entrance Test.

Q. What are the benefits of using GUJCET's old paper solution?
A. Solving the old paper of GUJCET exam gives you all the information about how long it takes, what is the method, what kind of questions are asked.

Q. Can I download GUJCET 2019 papers?
A. Yes 100%. You can download the 2019 paper from here.

Q. Where can I get the answers to the old GUJCET paper?
A. Don't go for old papers of GUJCET. given on

Q. How is the GUJCET exam conducted?
A. GUJCET exam is taken by OMR option method.

Q. Does GUJCET exam have negative marking? If so, how much?
A. Yes. In this exam, every wrong question gets a negative mark of [-0.25].

Q. What is the time for GUJCET exam?
A. Gujcet exam time is 3 hours. 60 minutes for each subject.

Q. What is the syllabus of GUJCET exam?
A. In GUJCET exam, the main subjects of standard 12 are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths.

Q. Where is the center of GUJCET exam?
A. GUJCET examination centers are provided in each district.

Q. When is the GUJCET exam form filled?
A. GUJCET forms are usually filled from December to January. Also, keep an eye on the regular board's website.

Q. What is GUJCET official website?
A. and

Q. What is the fee for filling online form for GUJCET exam?
A. General GUJCET exam fee is ₹300/- may change in the future.

Q. In which courses of GUJCET examination are it compulsory to take admission?
A. GUJCET exam is compulsory to take admission in courses like Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary, Diary Technology, Pharmacy, Engineering, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Paramedical, etc.